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Dec. 8th, 2008

sexxy bi!

WS ~ review + sheet music?

Happy late-Thanksgiving-early-Hanukkah-X-mas-Kwanzaa-Holiday cheers! *whew* It's hard trying to be politically correct. Just edited WS a little based on a fantastic review from Manga-Angels; she was so specific and detailed in my spelling + grammar. Geez; I didn't even know I made any of those mistakes! Well, maybe I should write these articles in word not notepad ...

++ added review from Manga-Angels
++ edited spelling/grammar and broken links on pages

I've also created vln/pno sheet music for "Orlean no Sei Senshi" from Eien Densetsu musical. With some tweaking, I hope to put it up on the site soon. I think I'll try to do New Wave Heroines + possibly the vln/pno part of the Stars musical Overture.

Aug. 27th, 2008

herbal essence (haha!)

WS: Naoko + Affy

Hello hello! I finally finished the mini-Takeuchi Naoko biography for the the site. It's sometimes hard to write factual articles because I try to find all these resources and not depend just on one and try to cite everything ... ugh! Can't people just know I didn't write it? I also added a new affiliate, Destined Couple: one of the best fan-related H&M sites on the web.

I'm just finished some sheet music for "Orlean no Sei Senshi ~ Uranus to Neptune no Uragiri." It turned out pretty well but it still needs some fixin' (bowings, rhythm issues, etc.). I want to add a new section of all my transcriptions of sailormoon songs. I'm working on "New Wave Heroines" now to possibly play with my Jazz Ensemble next year. When I've got about three works completed, I'll post 'em ,k?

Aug. 14th, 2008

sexxy bi!

Windswept Back in Action!!

All right! I've completed the TOTAL RE-VAMP of WS! Yay!!!! It only took me like almost 2 yrs. to do it (not really). Actually, I spent 5 days working on different parts of the site and I'm very glad that I finally got everything recoded. I've used my new CSS and XHTML skills to make something that I'm very proud of.

The layout has one of my favorite scenes from the manga. I don't even really know how I came up with the idea but I knew I wanted to do something "mysterious." It turned out a lot better than I had hoped. Now, I'm not done, of course -- there are a few pages that need to be added. And I'll always think of more and more to add to the site and time goes along.

I got an email today from someone who loved my Haruka + Usagi article. Her comments were so encouraging! That's what makes me continue these websites - when I get unexpected emails from readers who like my content. That's refreshing; that's pleasing; that lets me know I'm not doing this just for me!!! Thank you, visitors; you keep me going!!

Aug. 9th, 2008


We are reborn!!

Inspired by Icera and Kotono's excellent journals, I've decided to "steal" their idea and actually USE this page as an update/planning area. It's a great way for me to keep on track with all my sites and upcoming projects once school starts. Maybe I could even vent a little ^^. So here's the latest:

Innocence - Just finished tweaking the layout a bit. I just learned all about text manipulation so I can stop making all those god-awful text images, ugh! I don't know how long I'll keep this up; it's not as "striking" as the shine snow one. Well whatever!
&& to do: articles, gallery, code layouts, BSSM layout, milestones, affiliates

Windswept Sea - Made a brand-new layout with my new text manipulation skills ^_^. It looks awesome; I can't wait to upload it. Problem is I have to recode EVERY SINGLE PAGE AGAIN!!! Good thing too cuz most of my writing on those articles is atrocious!! Don't know how I'm gonna pull this off before school starts....
&& to do: recoding, move gallery, upload layout

I also need to update the FL. I've gotten in trouble so many times for not changing things for 3 mnths :P
sexxy bi!

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